Friday, 10 August 2007

A Letter From America

Hello chaps!
You blog coordinator has bunked off to Alabama for the month so unless you leave a comment here I will not know if you are trying to get in contact with me as I can't figure out how to access my e mails.
Have a great fest, remember to take lots of pics and I am sure Deb or Nell can show you how to post up the pics.
See you at the Glyndwr festival in September!

Ponty festival update

Well done that someone finally got some joy from the Ponty festival people, I've been trying for weeks!

The details of what we are doing at the festival have changed though.
Tea and coffee is off due to "health and safety" and Sunday is closed. Please check with Eirian as other detail changes might have occurred.
Also parties of guild bods will be at the National waterfront Museum Trading skills weekend. 11 & 12 Aug 2007 12 – 4.30pm dropping spindles while watching men in fire-engines I think!!

Can you link this for me please Debb.

Friday, 3 August 2007

Pontardawe Festival

We are going to be on the official festival website - don't ask what I had to do....