Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Newsletter Sept 09

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Thanks to Liz, Clare and Eirian a fine couple of days spinning outdoors!What could be better and chainmail too! MORE PHOTOS ON HERE

Newsletter see here.

If you can't open your email from Ann Fox please let her know!

Eirian is whipping all the display stuff into shape for the "All Wales" on Thursday Ist Oct'

Any Water themed or recycled bits and bobs by 10am at the Basement Studio, The Cross, Please.

"All Wales" is Saturday 3rd October.

Huge thanks to Colin Morgan, a founder member of the group, for his donated hardwood vertical skeinwinder and his cone wrangling stand. Also if you have time pop in and look at his photo albums etc.

For those who need to know, I had accidently over cooked my router by tidying DvDs too close to it on the shelf, apparently if too warm it curls up and goes to sleep. After being relieved of its thermals its now fit and well and dancing its little lights off, yeayh love internetty!!! See I knew housework was dangerous, who knew it could cut off your comms. Must take care not to over do the cleaning in future!!!!

More later am going to bed, "what,s on" will be up tomorrow!! Night all, love and stuff Debb

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

And on behalf of the treasurer - Fees Due 09/10 - ASAP

  • Please fill out your membership form
  • and give it and your fees to Debb or Michelle
by end of September.

Details ofNew Fee structure GO HERE

Ann on the plinth!!

Go here to watch a video of her hour on the fourth plinth!

Friday, 4 September 2009

From Australia!!!!

Hi Debs,
I expect you will have realised by now that I have left. I went thinking that I would return in June to pack and say goodbye. However, we did manage to sell the house and it was such a horrible experience that Gresham just wanted to get out and over here and so he did. I never managed to get into the guild web site and so i will send this to and please pass it on to the others.
I really just want to say a big big thank you to all the members who were such a great lot. I loved being in the group from the very first day.
Everyonewas so friendly and helpful and were always so ready to help and give up their time when I got stuck which was often. It set me on the road to a new hobby and more. As you well know, one thing leads to another and before you know it there is another project under way. Also the friendships I made were so important to me.
In particular I owe so much to Norma who opened all the doors, Marj, Eirian, Isabel, Margot, Carol, Gill and all the other "originals" (for me ).
I will be returning in November and hope to be in Wales on a Tuesday so that I can pop in and see the new storage as well as all the old faces! Yesterday I joined the Spinners and Weavers club up here. It is a 4 minute drive from where we are living but there are no lessons and more spinning than weaving but early days. We've only been up here 2 weeks and are in a rented hose while we look around, and also recover from our awful sale. I've had enough of houses for a bit!
I should also officially resign, I suppose, so I just did!
Good luck to you all and I hope the future is rosy foor you all. stay healthy and safe.
Love to you all

G. Dobson

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

New Year for the Tawe

At yesterday's AGM new officers were elected. Check the list on the right to update your diaries.

Ann Fox will take over part of the secretary's job and liase with Nell.

Gill moves from Treasurer to Vice - Chair, thanks Gill for keeping the books and I'm sure Michelle will be grateful for your input this year as she finds her feet as our new treasurer.

We welcome a number of old friends back to the committee:

Marj (library)
Isabel Heard (Dye Queen and Ace sock knitter),
Clare (last years Vice -Chair),
Eirian (working on the recycling theme for this years All Welsh)
Carol (once upon atime Treasurer and ready for anything)
Liz ( back in action and holder of the passes for Owain Glyndwr Fest at the Ancient Briton!)

And me Debb Reid as Chair (Again).

Thanks for a great year its been hectic and we've grown as a guild in more ways than one,
literally in numbers,( welcome to the lovely newbies) and physically having taken on and more than doubled our floor space. Who'd have thought it, a studio and giant store, how did we get it all in the guild room before! We've spun all over the county and beyond and I have a feeling Nell has a plan for us underground! We've met new bods and welcomed back old friends, and some of you travelling miles too! We waved off a long standing member to Australia (can you see us Gill D, we were just talking about you Tuesday gone.) Tawe Guild came up trumps with the items from their Chairman's Challenge, with marvellous pieces produced for several watery themed exhibitions and we've spun miles of yarn with Ann Jordan and literally felted her and now she's about to plinth!! It's been brill, all fluff and a considerable ammount of nonsense.

And this year I can't wait!

Before anything elseThe blog needs some love and attention so hang on in there and I'll sort out the new details as soon as I can. All contact details remain the same.

LOVE YOU ALL, the Tawe Guild is nowt without it's members see you soon.

PS First Committee Meeting Friday18th Sept 2009 7pm

Liz can you bring passes for Owian Glyndwr to the meeting, there are only three freebies (SAT and SUN 19th /20th September be set up before 10am) so we will have to liase carefully or there'll be an entry fee to pay! PS we are stall V5 with a table and hanging for display, thanks for organizing that back in March Liz, there's prepared boyo, mind you don't miss it, it's a great family weekend, especially if you have a weakness for men who "knit" their own chainmail!!