Sunday, 29 April 2007

Recommended Reading...

I want to get a list posted up on this site for some good "how to" books, some reviews would be welcome too. So get writing chaps!

Weaving Workshop

Hi Everyone
Hope you enjoyed the weaving workshop yesterday. I did not come as anyone who has seen me weaving knows that I take to it like a cat to water.
If anyone has any photos of the day, you can e mail them to me and I'll post them up, or failing that write up a report and e mail me that.

Friday, 27 April 2007

Friday, 6 April 2007

Blaenafan Arts Festival - 7th May

The Big Pit, Blaenafon

This might be the thinnest connection to spinning so far, but here goes.

On May Day bank holiday Monday, I will be taking part in an adaptation of Alexander Cordell's The Rape of the Fair Country. I play Elianor Mortymer and she spins, both as a nod to historical authenticity and as part of her character (and because I can spin!)

There is going to be quite a bit of publicity attached to the event and the Cordell Players ( that's me and the gang) will be in Blaenafon all day, discussing the books and generally swanning around, in character of course. This will probably entail some kind of spinning demonstration at one point or another.

I would be hugely grateful if someone could lend me a not too precious Ashford or something that looks more authentic than my Louet which just doesn't have the look. I would also like to take some handouts, just to spread the word a bit.
And I'm writing about this now, before I get too busy with it and forget.


Thursday, 5 April 2007

Signing Up

To join this blog you need to respond to the e mail that will shortly arrive from Blogger inviting you to contribute.

Open the e mail, follow the instructions that you find there and you are away. You will need to have a current e mail address and an easily remembered but not obvious password.

You cannot add entries without being added by the Blogger administration. However, I think you can leave comments without joining. Just click on the comment section, below the day's entry.

Please let me know if you have any difficulties. Eirian has my contact details.

Also, if you have any relevant, favourite sites that others would enjoy, please pass the information on and I can set a link up. This goes for knitalongs or web rings that would be fun to join

Sunday, 1 April 2007

Knit stitch and craft show Shepton Mallett 19th April 2007

I have purchased cheaper tickets on the internet for the show. I'm driving..... If you still want to come, tickets cost £4, petrol £3 and bridge £1. Will be leaving 08.00 ish and back 17.00 ish. Have large boot so will be able to accomodate usual amount of purchases!

Big Cheese Festival 27 - 29 July

Joanne and I have managed - don't ask what I had to do.... - to get a stall at the Big Cheese in July. We will have a corner for the Tawe Guild so please may we have the banner and leaflets for that weekend. 90,000 people expected. Whew!
Picture from the Big Cheese web site. I wonder if you can knit going down a helter-skelter? Do you think we could set ourselves a wee challenge like that and raise funds for the Guild? Should I just stay in the naughty corner?