Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Merry Christmas

Wishing all our members greetings for the festive season! And to all our blog viewers, potential members and to everyone who has spent time finding out more about us!


Go on, have a laugh this Christmas!

All the best to everyone


Thursday, 3 December 2009

Committee meeting 4th Dec -CANCELLED

Due to too few members being available for our meeting 4th Dec, it will have to be cancelled, sorry about the notice but numbers plummetted quickly!

I suggest meeting up instead on our Saturday 12th Dec Bring a Plate Lunch. Contact me if there's a problem.


Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Assn. Newsletter


Details of these and other events are listed on the AGWSD website: http://www.wsd.org.uk


Knitting & Stitching show:

19-22 November 2009, Harrogate International Centre, Yorkshire

National Exhibition 2010: Kaleidoscope

Mansfield Museum 17 April-29 May 2010

For further information please contact Steve Kennett: exhibition@wsd.org.uk

Association AGM 2010: Mansfield Civic Centre 1 May 2010

National week of spinning weaving & dyeing: 1-7 May 2010

Let us know what your Guild is doing to celebrate this week.

If you have any queries concerning anything in this newsletter please contact:

Trudi Thompson, 2 Mount Rule Cottages, West Baldwin Road, Braddan, Isle of Man IM4 4HS. Email: newsletter@wsd.org.uk



NEWSLETTER NO 50 November 2009

From the Chairman

I am sure you are now putting the finishing touches to your items for submission to the Exhibition. Good luck. To those that worried about photo submissions - I have to say that if Notts Guild exhibition at Newark is an example you do not need to worry. I was impressed that the whole of the exhibition itself is with photographs of articles. It can be as impressive as having the items on show. With demonstration days to show the public how items were produced it can help solve long term stewarding schedules. I look forward to hearing from Notts Guild itself on the feed back they receive about this method of exhibiting our crafts.

At the time of writing one worry about the exhibition is the possible disruption of the postal service and submission dates. Connected with this is the distribution of raffle tickets. Please bear with the GPC in its efforts to overcome potential problems.

Have a very Happy Christmas and a good introduction to the New Year.

Peter Penneck

GPC Matters

Association President

We are pleased to announce that Sheila Smith has agreed to become President of the Association. Sheila will be well known to many of you, and we offer her a very warm welcome to her new role.


The Insurance Policy is now renewed and a copy of the document will be sent to all guilds that have renewed their Affiliation. (If you have not yet paid your affiliation fees, this might be a good time to do it!) Please remember that these documents should be retained by the guild secretary or treasurer for members to consult.


The 2010 calendars are now available. For further details or to order your copy, contact Jenifer Midgley, email calendars@wsd.org.uk.

National Exhibition 2010

Plans are now well underway for the 2010 National Exhibition, which is taking place at Mansfield Museum from 17th April-29th May 2010

The theme this year is Kaleidoscope, which many of you will already be working on. For those still pondering, here is some food for thought.

Kaleidoscope definition: Greek words are the source of the name; it comes from kalos, eidos, and skopios meaning beautiful, form, and view, respectively.

It is an optical toy, in which one sees an ever changing variety of beautiful colours and forms; a delightfully diverse and unpredictable sequence of sights, events etc.

Although the ancient Greeks, including the mathematician Ptolemy, had contemplated the effects of abutting multiple mirrors, the kaleidoscope is the creation of one man. David Brewster (1781-1868) was born in Scotland and educated to become a minister at the University of Edinburgh. University studies exposed him to the wonders of science, however, and he abandoned the church in favour of studying the properties of light. He became an expert in polarization of light , reflection of light using metal, and light absorption. For his scientific discoveries, Brewster was elected a fellow of the Royal Society (Britain's leading scientific organization) in 1815 and knighted in 1831.

Closing date for all submission is 1st March and all Guild secretaries have now been sent all the information in relation to this, including the submission forms. All entries have to be submitted by photo only and this must be done via your Guild Secretary.

Should you require still further information please contact Exhibition organiser Steve Kennett: exhibition@wsd.org.uk

Raffle Prizes

If anyone has any further prizes for the raffle run in conjunction with the Exhibition, please contact Isabel Swift, 3 Victoria Avenue, Woodhall Spa, Lincs LN10 6TY Isabel Swift<nigel.swift@tesco.net> (Please keep emails short, as this is not a broadband address)

Association CD Review

This resource is due for a full revision and will be re-issued next year. Jo Onions, has kindly agreed to progress that task. Please discuss within your Guilds what information on the CD is especially in need of up-dating, what new information you would like to see being made available and what information currently on the CD is either obsolete or unnecessary. Jo can be contacted on cd@wsd.org.uk.

Speakers List

Irene Taylder, has very kindly agreed to take over the Speakers List and invites feedback from Guilds on recent speakers used both off and from the list. Please channel feedback through Guild secretaries to Irene, who can be contacted at speakers@wsd.org.uk

2010 AGM

The Association AGM will be held on 1st May, 2010 at Mansfield Civic Centre. This will be during the National Exhibition which will be on display at Mansfield Museum. We aim to ensure that the AGM is timed to allow Guild Delegates and Observers to visit the Exhibition as well. More details will follow but please start discussing within your Guild any topics they might want to put forward for discussion at the AGM or propositions they would like to have considered.

Summer School 2013.

This is tentatively located in Wales during the last week of August 2013 and plans are in hand. Details will be communicated to Guilds as they are confirmed.

Location, location, location…..!!

We are very keen to hear from any Guild, or group of Guilds within the South East area of the UK, who have the ideal location for the Exhibition 2012 on their doorstep. We need to confirm this within the next two months if we are going to ensure adequate planning time. Equally we are hoping there will also be suggestions sent in from Guilds in the South West area of the UK on the location and support for the 2011 AGM and Conference. Do, please, come forward with your ideas. Contact the GPC Secretary in the first instance: secretary@wsd.org.uk.

Friday, 13 November 2009

14th November Dyeing workshop ( Isabel - Dyeing to match socks etc)

Equipment you will need

Apron (old clothes),

Rubber gloves,

3 marg tubs, or similar, ie yoghurt pots or chinese takeaway pots

3 empty 500ml water bottles plastic

3 kichen sponge scrubby things, cheapo ones are perfect

an old towel

a plastic bag to take home wet stuff

cheap cling film roll

Wool yarn in skeins to dye or a piece of knitting made with 2 strands of wool knitted together!!!

a plate of something to share for lunch

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Hello all
Just thought you would like to know that Gill Dobson is back in Britain for a short while, and hopes to come to the guild on Tuesday week - (Nov 24th). So if you would like to see her, put a ring round the date in your diary! She is looking forward to seeing everyone, and having a guided tour round the storeroom.
Chris C

Friday, 6 November 2009

This is interesting!

Go Here to see what Michelle found

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Muriel Clement - soon at the Mission

14 November 2009 - 3 January 2010

Muriel Clements’ tapestries encompass the constantly changing, interacting pattern of earth, sea and sky. The reflective quality of the yarn, combined with its richness of colour, expresses a very personal statement about the environment in which she lives.

Gloucester Place Maritime Quarter Swansea SA1 1TY

open daily 11am - 5pm

Fun Friday Felting!

Eirian and I are going to warp up the big loom and I hope to do some banner felting too, see you about 10.30 ish!!


Tuesday, 27 October 2009

From Gill (VC)

Public liability in place!

Committee mins.

Look in newsletters page for lastest mins.

Friday, 9 October 2009

Saturday workshop 10th October - Planning a joint banner workshop

10 am at the Cross until 4pm.

Also admiring of the big loom!! Thanks Norma, Eirian and Gill. And our new stash!

Bring plate lunch as usual and ofcourse yourselves!

Debb. :)

NOTE FOR COMMITTEE - Extra meeting 23rd October 7pm,

Re: Insurance.

Monday, 5 October 2009

Friday, 2 October 2009

Colin had a clear out!!!

Well, I was summoned to Rhos to collect Colin's wool and stuff, what a bounty, and when you read this online Colin, thanks very, very much from Tawe Guild.

At least a dozen fleeces, kilos and kilos of yarn and niddy noddies, to add to the skein winder and cone wrangling device that have already arrived. The car was stuffed to the gunnels, Dougi and I hauled it all down into the store and I'm now hoping for volunteers to help sort it!!! Apparently there is still more in the loft for us!! Just wait til you see it all!

All Wales

Prep. for the ALL WALES

Don't forget Tawe Guild will be at the Association of Guilds of Weavers, Spinners & Dyers' All Wales Event in Llanidloes, Mid Wales on Saturday, October 3rd. This is a biennial event, held in the Minerva Centre in Llanidloes, and is generally a good get-together and catch-up session for all the Welsh Guilds.

We will be doing the raffle!

Chris and her red, red runner!

Carol and her silk two-tone scarf!

Dorethy does a twirl in her newly tailored, handspun, handwoven gilet!

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Newsletter Sept 09

Add Image
Thanks to Liz, Clare and Eirian a fine couple of days spinning outdoors!What could be better and chainmail too! MORE PHOTOS ON HERE

Newsletter see here.

If you can't open your email from Ann Fox please let her know!

Eirian is whipping all the display stuff into shape for the "All Wales" on Thursday Ist Oct'

Any Water themed or recycled bits and bobs by 10am at the Basement Studio, The Cross, Please.

"All Wales" is Saturday 3rd October.

Huge thanks to Colin Morgan, a founder member of the group, for his donated hardwood vertical skeinwinder and his cone wrangling stand. Also if you have time pop in and look at his photo albums etc.

For those who need to know, I had accidently over cooked my router by tidying DvDs too close to it on the shelf, apparently if too warm it curls up and goes to sleep. After being relieved of its thermals its now fit and well and dancing its little lights off, yeayh love internetty!!! See I knew housework was dangerous, who knew it could cut off your comms. Must take care not to over do the cleaning in future!!!!

More later am going to bed, "what,s on" will be up tomorrow!! Night all, love and stuff Debb

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

And on behalf of the treasurer - Fees Due 09/10 - ASAP

  • Please fill out your membership form
  • and give it and your fees to Debb or Michelle
by end of September.

Details ofNew Fee structure GO HERE

Ann on the plinth!!

Go here to watch a video of her hour on the fourth plinth!

Friday, 4 September 2009

From Australia!!!!

Hi Debs,
I expect you will have realised by now that I have left. I went thinking that I would return in June to pack and say goodbye. However, we did manage to sell the house and it was such a horrible experience that Gresham just wanted to get out and over here and so he did. I never managed to get into the guild web site and so i will send this to and please pass it on to the others.
I really just want to say a big big thank you to all the members who were such a great lot. I loved being in the group from the very first day.
Everyonewas so friendly and helpful and were always so ready to help and give up their time when I got stuck which was often. It set me on the road to a new hobby and more. As you well know, one thing leads to another and before you know it there is another project under way. Also the friendships I made were so important to me.
In particular I owe so much to Norma who opened all the doors, Marj, Eirian, Isabel, Margot, Carol, Gill and all the other "originals" (for me ).
I will be returning in November and hope to be in Wales on a Tuesday so that I can pop in and see the new storage as well as all the old faces! Yesterday I joined the Spinners and Weavers club up here. It is a 4 minute drive from where we are living but there are no lessons and more spinning than weaving but early days. We've only been up here 2 weeks and are in a rented hose while we look around, and also recover from our awful sale. I've had enough of houses for a bit!
I should also officially resign, I suppose, so I just did!
Good luck to you all and I hope the future is rosy foor you all. stay healthy and safe.
Love to you all

G. Dobson

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

New Year for the Tawe

At yesterday's AGM new officers were elected. Check the list on the right to update your diaries.

Ann Fox will take over part of the secretary's job and liase with Nell.

Gill moves from Treasurer to Vice - Chair, thanks Gill for keeping the books and I'm sure Michelle will be grateful for your input this year as she finds her feet as our new treasurer.

We welcome a number of old friends back to the committee:

Marj (library)
Isabel Heard (Dye Queen and Ace sock knitter),
Clare (last years Vice -Chair),
Eirian (working on the recycling theme for this years All Welsh)
Carol (once upon atime Treasurer and ready for anything)
Liz ( back in action and holder of the passes for Owain Glyndwr Fest at the Ancient Briton!)

And me Debb Reid as Chair (Again).

Thanks for a great year its been hectic and we've grown as a guild in more ways than one,
literally in numbers,( welcome to the lovely newbies) and physically having taken on and more than doubled our floor space. Who'd have thought it, a studio and giant store, how did we get it all in the guild room before! We've spun all over the county and beyond and I have a feeling Nell has a plan for us underground! We've met new bods and welcomed back old friends, and some of you travelling miles too! We waved off a long standing member to Australia (can you see us Gill D, we were just talking about you Tuesday gone.) Tawe Guild came up trumps with the items from their Chairman's Challenge, with marvellous pieces produced for several watery themed exhibitions and we've spun miles of yarn with Ann Jordan and literally felted her and now she's about to plinth!! It's been brill, all fluff and a considerable ammount of nonsense.

And this year I can't wait!

Before anything elseThe blog needs some love and attention so hang on in there and I'll sort out the new details as soon as I can. All contact details remain the same.

LOVE YOU ALL, the Tawe Guild is nowt without it's members see you soon.

PS First Committee Meeting Friday18th Sept 2009 7pm

Liz can you bring passes for Owian Glyndwr to the meeting, there are only three freebies (SAT and SUN 19th /20th September be set up before 10am) so we will have to liase carefully or there'll be an entry fee to pay! PS we are stall V5 with a table and hanging for display, thanks for organizing that back in March Liz, there's prepared boyo, mind you don't miss it, it's a great family weekend, especially if you have a weakness for men who "knit" their own chainmail!!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Bank Holiday Monday at Cefn Coed Museum

For all of those of you who are coming to support this event:
Time 09.30 - although museum opens at 09.00 - until 16.00
Date: Monday 31st August
Place: Cefn Coed Colliery Museum NPT - the School room!

Cefn Coed Colliery Museum
Neath Road Crynant Neath South Wales SA10 8SN
+44 (0)1639 750 556

Bring your wheels and what ever else you fancy doing on the day. Do I feel the need for some extreme spinning coming on.... oh I think so!
Plenty of tea and coffee available.

See you there!


Sunday, 23 August 2009


The AGM will be held on Tuesday 1st September at 14.00 at the Cross.
The decision for the ealry date was made at the last AGM so we could decide on membership and class fees at the start of the term.
We hope to see as many of you there as possible.


Sunday, 14 June 2009

June 20th visit to Richard cancelled!!!!!!!!

We're not going to see the Llamas :(

I received this today from Richard, sadly cancelling our visit to the llamas.
I have emailed but we still need to pass it on word of mouth, please let anyone know, that you know, then we should be OK.

I am very sorry to do this to you all but - for all sorts of reasons - I would be extremely grateful if next Saturday's visit here by Guild members could be postponed until, say, early September.

Would you, please, contact everyone and let them know.

Perhaps we can, in the near future, discuss another date.

With very best wishes and more apologies,


Ps If the Cross had let Nell or I know it was closed last week I'd have let you know, sorry for wasted time , petrol etc. I will be very stroppy with them come Tuesday!
Isabel thanks for the worksurface.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Navy Days 2009 Extreme Spinning

The things I do when I have a wee dram!!
Many thanks to the Bay Divers - Dave and Karl and their many helpers

Friday, 8 May 2009

Saturday May 9th

Aberavon shopping centre.
To take part in adult learning week.
Nell and I will be there, flying the Tawe Guild banner and welcome any member of Tawe Guild that can drop by for a spin!
Parking in Civic Office car park.
The Doings are between 10am and 3pm.
Hope to see you.

If not then at least have a look about at home, in the garage or shed as we could do with a few tiles for around he sink in the new store room!!
Nell's Clive will do the honours as far as fitting is concerned and I have tile adhesive/grout. No point digging into funds if recycling works, afterall the paints nearly done, must just say my thanks to all of you who dejunked their paint stores, at no cost to the Tawe Guild fund!!!

see you soon Debb.

The Chairman's Challenge Winner 2009 is.........

........... decided by an astounding landslide of public votes at our Annual Exhibition at Aberdulais Falls.
And the winner....

..........." Rainbow waterfall" by Marilyn Hilditch and they loved it!!!!

Congratulations to you Marilyn,
one of our newest members.

Thanks to everyone who joined in, it was a wonderful exhibition. Love you all!!
Roll on the next challenge!

Thursday, 30 April 2009

More Bluefaced Leicester!!

Andy says our BFL order should be here Tuesday, Yippee and Nell he even found some darker shades too!

Annual Exhibition at ABERDULAIS FALLS

Setting up tomorrow, opening officially at Sat 11am,
Thanks all who have offered help.

Meet the Llamas at Richards!!

Date confirmed with Richard,
we are all welcome to meet the llamas and spin outdoors weather permitting,
Meet at Richard's house for 11am on JUNE 20th
If you need the address or postcode for the satnav, eh Michelle, then ring me, Debb

thankyou in advance Richard, I can't wait!

Friday, 24 April 2009

Chairman goes mobile,

Debb 07963 517202

Text if you can, as sometimes the signal is low ! and the text will catch up with me

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Sign up PLEASE!

Annual exhibition at Aberdulais Falls Nell has the timesheet in the Cross for working out who's doing what and when.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Off to Wonderwool

Exhibitors etc here

Don't forget we need your Chairman's Challenge ASAP.

Friday, 10 April 2009

In the email today!

Mayfield Alpacas have alpaca fleece on offer go thee and look at the links page for details!!

Dear Tawe Guild
FIBREFEST is a weekend festival celebrating the best in UK fibre, yarns & textiles taking place at Coldharbour Mill working wool museum in Devon on the 22nd & 23rd August 09. It offers an array of stalls, workshops, seminars, demonstrations, animals & the mill museum itself - there will be something to tickle the fancies of every knitter, spinner, weaver and textile enthusiast.
FIBREFEST would like to offer all GUILD members a discount on advance ticket bookings. We have therefore attached a Guild Ticket Advance Booking Form for members to complete and return if they would like to take advantage of this offer.
If you would like any more information Nell has the attachment on google for you so email taweguild@gmail.com
In the meantime, thank you for your time.
Kind Regards

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Get a Ravelry Account

There is a list starting up of people who will offer discount at wonderwool if you have a Ravelry Acct so I thought I'd send the link in case anyone wants to join.

GO Now Ravelry

Michelle Soloman (can usually be found at Tawe Guild on Tuesday eves)

A unique opportunity

A unique opportunity to take part in a public art project to be located within a bronze age funeral cairn on the top of the Black mountain for the period of one month next April Ann Jordan is looking for spinners and knitters to help create 'cwtch' - a knitted blanket 20ft diameter circular hand knitted blanket made from 12 miles of yarn spun from the fleeces of Welsh mountain sheep.The spinning and knitting is chunky and robust.The work celebrates the history, the environment and the people who live in the locality of the Black mountain.
Nell has already kindly spun the yarn for the site specific performance art work 'Metamorphosis'. Images and the shroud/cocoon willbe exhibited at the Walcott Chapel in Bath during the Bath Finge festival, which supports the music festival in May/June.
Ann can be contacted on 01792 281 or most Tues pm at The Cross.Ever yard and every row counts.Thanks. Ann b.jordan4@ntlworld.com

Ok so it's been awhile!

Time for a refresh of the blog, must be all the positive vibes in the air!!!

Thanks for all the great things you said about our dyeing day, I enjoyed it so much we'll do it again as soon as we can!!!

We will soon be able to clear our basement studio of 'tut' and put it into a new storage area, YIPPEE!!!!

This has cost an arm and half a leg so if you see Gill hobbling give her a hand! but you are all worth it!

We will need to do a few basic renovations to the space, paint, shelves etc but it looks like a lot of space!!!!

And that reminds me:

Nell warns we will be very tight for lifts to WONDERWOOL.

If you are car-sharing to wonderwool then,

please, please check your lift is sorted out,

its up to you , don't get left behind.


We had an email from Jane Dean offering courses check her out here

and from The Dyfed Smallholders Association the following:

For our Monthly talk on 13 May 2009 The Dyfed Smallholders Association have a famous guest speaker from the knitting and textile world, the broadcaster, designer and wordsmith Brenda Dayne.

The meeting/talk begins at 7:45pm in the upstairs room of the Gremlin Club in Guildhall Square Carmarthen, opposite W H Smiths. Entry to the meeting is £2 to cover the hire of the hall or £1 to Dyfed Smallholders Association members. It is a social evening as well as the talk and all are welcome. For more information on this event and the Dyfed Smallholders Association please go to www.dyfedsmallholders.org.uk

Brenda Dayne came originally from Portland, Oregon but is now living in West Wales and she will deliver our May talk on the history of textiles in Wales. Brenda has made a huge name for herself in the textile and knitting world and this is evident from sites like cast-on.com where Brenda is the creator of the this knitting podcast. Brenda is obviously inspired by living in South West Wales as one of her designs is calledPembrokeshire Pathways Socks.

Brenda is a standard-bearer for craft and has said, "craft is to shopping what slow food is to restaurants. Buying high-quality things that needn't be replaced over time but instead may be passed on to future generations is not only old-fashioned, it is also worldchanging. Craft is slow retail, slow consumption."

If anyone thought that knitting was old fashioned - how very dare you!Look forward to seeing you at this event.

Regards,John Birtles

And more.....................this time from WelshArtNow

We are pleased to announce the launch of the online version of WelshArtNow the companion to the printed version of the magazine. We would like to thank the many thousands of you worldwide who have expressed an interest in this project. We have received messages of interest from a wide cross-section of society including those in the fields of politics, theatre, media, the arts and science. Thank you for your enthusiastic response! In our first issue artist Paul Matosic asks how green art is in a time of environmental crisis. We feature profiles of artists James Selway and Michael Gustavius Payne. James describes his new life in Spain and how this has influenced his art work. Michael Payne's work deals with the notion of the ‘hero’ and asks what modern meaning we can attach to the term. These are short articles, that we hope you will find interesting, to read them visit www.welshartnow.org

Martin Allman Editor

And also.....................................from Ravelry

UK Ravelry Day


Saturday 6 June 2009

UK Ravelry day will be held on Saturday 6 June 2009 at the Central Hall, Coventry. It promises to be an exciting day and will include a market (outside building in the Bull Yard square), demonstrations, workshops, talks. The event is being headlined by Meg Swansen, daughter of Elizabeth Zimmermann. Other well known teachers include Jared Flood (Brooklyn Tweed), Ruth Paisley (Woolly Wormhead), Elizabeth Lovick & Debbie Bamford (Mulberry Dyer). There will also be collections for charities such as Knit in Gambia (baby clothes and shawls for older people) which is run by a Raveller and Liverpool NHS (knitted breasts which are used to teach new mothers how to breastfeed).

The theme of this year’s event is British yarn. Says organiser Jo Watson: “Last year I was growing increasingly interested in finding out why it is that a lot of the yarns I use are made abroad. We have over 60 different breeds of native sheep in the UK and although quite a lot of our wool is coarse and suitable for carpets, a good proportion could be used to make handknitting yarns. It is shocking that farmers have to burn fleeces. After reading some information on the British Wool Marketing Board’s website about how much wool is exported each year, I decided that I would try and do something on a small scale to support British sheep farmers during these tough economic times, by increading demand for British-made handknitting wools. It’s amazing how everyone who’s having a stall in the marketplace has risen to the challenge of sourcing British wool from British sheep.”

She continues: “I had an idea in the car at the beginning of January about how great it would be if Ravelry could sort of come into being for a day. So I could meet all the people I’ve met virtually on the forums, where we could all do in person what we do on Ravelry. I think Ravelry is the best contribution of the world of knitting there has been in recent times. “

Another theme of this year’s event is to support the United Nations International Year of Natural Fibres (www.naturalfibres2009.org). UK Ravelry day is the only non-academic event being held in the UK this year which has received accreditation from the United Nations.

The event is being sponsored by the new high quality UK knitting magazine, the Knitter.

The event is being organised as a not for profit day, with any leftover funds being donated to UK-based knitting charities as well as going towards next year’s week-long event. UK Ravelry Week 2010 will be held in Stirling, Scotland, during the first week of August 2010 and will include workshops by well known designers and excursions, and will end with UK Ravelry day on 7 August 2010. Details of next year’s event will be announced in June.

Stalls at UK Ravelry day (as of 15 March 2009) for list email debb as list is enormous!

Workshops at UK Ravelry day (correct as of 15 March 2009) timetable can be found at: http://www.britishyarn.org.uk/workshops.html

And from me , if you didn't get you newsletter, then email taweguild@gmail.com and we'll try again!

More to say soon and more photos too.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

February workshop and other events

Warping with Norma Saturday 28th February

This is just to remind you to keep this date in your diary for the next workshop. More nearer the time. Remember to let us know if you are attending!

Women - centre stage.
We have been invited to demonstrate at the Dylan Thomas Centre on Friday March 6th at 19.00. Bring your wheels, looms or drop spindles. We'll rock the place as per usual!

International Women's Day
We have been asked to demonstrate at the Pontardawe Arts Centre on Sunday 8th March

More details to follow but keep the dates in your diary

I am off for a couple of weeks so don't panic if I don't reply to messages immediately- I need my wee holiday!!


Sunday, 18 January 2009

Saturday workshop 24th January 2009

Just a reminder that next Saturday is the plying workshop. Bring loads of singles with you ready for the day, something for the communal lunch and a ready ear for my practicing of the "Address to a Haggis" Don't say that you haven't been warned!