Tuesday, 29 April 2008

That comment you need to make!

Well hopefully now you can!
At least I think you can, I do really!
I really think this last rewrite has fixed it!

Go on you know you want to, it will be moderated at first, so play nice y'all.

Oh and my Mum had some interesting links so look on our Useful links Page for a new list of sites to visit.

love from a slightly blogger exasperated, Debb.

Thinking of you!

Eirian and Dell, sorry to hear that you both have Mum's who are very poorly at the moment. Although you may not make it to Guild, we're still thinking about you and send our best wishes to keep you going. Love the Tawe Guild.

Monday, 28 April 2008

Wonderwool Wales!

If you did Wonderwool Wales, you were probably boggled by the amount of woolly wonderfulness like I was.

If you didn't make it here's a taste!

Thanks to Nell for being named driver and all those who made it what it was last weekend, and well what did I come home with, well a chocolate teapot of course, for the long suffering Douglas, and I'm not listing the rest in public as I already have S.B.L.E (stash beyond life expectancy)!!

More in photo section here. And more useful contact links here at the Wonderwool site

Monday, 21 April 2008

Silk Workshop.

Thank you Liz for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm, and thanks too to Clare B. and her trusty laptop for her lunchtime talk on Shibori.

I had a great time, the work produced by everyone was brilliant and I learned loads, I have squillions of pictures to share but my ************ card reader has gone sick. I will get the pictures up ASAP. Promise,Debb
Yes we have pictures.
This little chap is the silk moth brought in by Clare B.
It is the larvae of these little moths that spin our silk cocoons.

These are just some of Clare's
wild silk cocoons.

And with a few items such as these lovely Kemtex dyes

and our cute little microwave, demonstrated here by the glamourous Sarah

With not a little help and encouragement from our Liz
we produced lots of lovely silky caps like

And here is Margaret modelling this weeks scarf!

And there are more pics in the photo section over here!.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Saturday's Silk Workshop is ON!

Hi there folks,

Silk workshop will go ahead as planned this Saturday. Liz will advise and it will operate as an in-house skill share.
Some materials will incur an extra cost ie scarves, stuff that belongs to Liz etc.
Please bring notebook, pencil, scissors and a shared lunch.
Optional but helpful - for drying silk scarves etc - a hair dryer!
old towel

See you at 10am.

Reminder about our Exhibition

The Autumn exhibition, which was planned for the Waterfront Museum, has had to be moved. Liz, Gill and Nell went to the Swansea Grand Theatre to evaluate their exhibition space.

We have booked the White Room from 22nd September until the 4th October.

All items for this exhibition MUST be with the Guild by the end of August and all must be clearly labelled as regards fibre content (Trading Standards), washing instructions, who made it and how, and either marked not for sale, or with a price.

We can access the Grand’s card machine but note that they will take 20% commission, so please reflect this in your prices.

We will be able to lock away our wheels etc at the end of each day and I hope we can provide opportunities for our visitors to have a go at spinning and weaving.

Extract from Newsletter.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

What did you do over Easter break?

Isabel wasn't idle while in Plymouth. (Not that she ever is!) She has knitted a marvellous sweater for the wool box and here it is, its even better in the wool as it were.
Thanks very much Isabel.

Click here to Visit Isabel directly

or save her http://isabelwhitestone.blogspot.com/

What else, Meg has new glasses
but was upstaged by a very glamorous Norma
with a new 'do!
Go for it Norma!

Marj was back, apparently making wedding apparel was keeping her away from us, but the wedding's over and we are waiting for the photos now! I can't wait to see those dresses.

As an aside "Good-luck" with the op Clive, I'm sure you'll be well enough to go hang-gliding over the Brecons in a triloom-powered Skoda, VERY SOON!

Great to see you all back, but don't forget the workshop.

Saturday Workshop 19th April - Silk dyeing-see what's on! Let Nell or Eirian know if you're coming times as usual.

Sad News

The Tawe Guild is saddened to receive the news of the death of Jean Dolomore, a condolence card has been sent to her family. She is remembered with fondness by all who knew her over the years.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008


More News on triangular loom please! Was that draft a tease. Can you move a big one (loom) when its warped or part woven, not sure what the term is?

Eirian's photos.

I have added some more photos from Eirian to our photo section. Pop over for a looky-see!
Includes the birthday cake!!