Monday, 10 May 2010


An Invite from Ann Jordan

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Nell does it again!

Hi Nell,

Many thanks, excellent presentation and informative talk - all enjoyed. Overwhelmed by the numbers that turned up, your spinning reputation is certainly "out there" now. Much appreciated.

See you soon,

Joan pp St.Hillary's Laidies Guild.
Dear Guild Secretaries
The catalogue for the National Exhibition, opening on 17th April, is now available via the Association web site at
With best regards

Dye Tuesday!!!

Please bring comfy no worry clothes,
the stuff you want to dye,
towels for insulation and mop ups,
any dye you have that you want to try,
steamer bags or cling wrap or a container with a lid that can hold all your fibre etc.
thermometers, jugs, gloves and other useful bits and bobs.
gas hob b'b'q would be great(well I can wish)/
at least bikkies to keep you going. probably lunchy stuff!

Expect colourful chaos! Lots of shared fun and some amazing results!!!

See you the morrow and lets hope for a dry day!