Sunday, 14 June 2009

June 20th visit to Richard cancelled!!!!!!!!

We're not going to see the Llamas :(

I received this today from Richard, sadly cancelling our visit to the llamas.
I have emailed but we still need to pass it on word of mouth, please let anyone know, that you know, then we should be OK.

I am very sorry to do this to you all but - for all sorts of reasons - I would be extremely grateful if next Saturday's visit here by Guild members could be postponed until, say, early September.

Would you, please, contact everyone and let them know.

Perhaps we can, in the near future, discuss another date.

With very best wishes and more apologies,


Ps If the Cross had let Nell or I know it was closed last week I'd have let you know, sorry for wasted time , petrol etc. I will be very stroppy with them come Tuesday!
Isabel thanks for the worksurface.