Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Merry Christmas

Wishing all our members greetings for the festive season! And to all our blog viewers, potential members and to everyone who has spent time finding out more about us!


Go on, have a laugh this Christmas!

All the best to everyone


Thursday, 3 December 2009

Committee meeting 4th Dec -CANCELLED

Due to too few members being available for our meeting 4th Dec, it will have to be cancelled, sorry about the notice but numbers plummetted quickly!

I suggest meeting up instead on our Saturday 12th Dec Bring a Plate Lunch. Contact me if there's a problem.


Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Assn. Newsletter


Details of these and other events are listed on the AGWSD website: http://www.wsd.org.uk


Knitting & Stitching show:

19-22 November 2009, Harrogate International Centre, Yorkshire

National Exhibition 2010: Kaleidoscope

Mansfield Museum 17 April-29 May 2010

For further information please contact Steve Kennett: exhibition@wsd.org.uk

Association AGM 2010: Mansfield Civic Centre 1 May 2010

National week of spinning weaving & dyeing: 1-7 May 2010

Let us know what your Guild is doing to celebrate this week.

If you have any queries concerning anything in this newsletter please contact:

Trudi Thompson, 2 Mount Rule Cottages, West Baldwin Road, Braddan, Isle of Man IM4 4HS. Email: newsletter@wsd.org.uk



NEWSLETTER NO 50 November 2009

From the Chairman

I am sure you are now putting the finishing touches to your items for submission to the Exhibition. Good luck. To those that worried about photo submissions - I have to say that if Notts Guild exhibition at Newark is an example you do not need to worry. I was impressed that the whole of the exhibition itself is with photographs of articles. It can be as impressive as having the items on show. With demonstration days to show the public how items were produced it can help solve long term stewarding schedules. I look forward to hearing from Notts Guild itself on the feed back they receive about this method of exhibiting our crafts.

At the time of writing one worry about the exhibition is the possible disruption of the postal service and submission dates. Connected with this is the distribution of raffle tickets. Please bear with the GPC in its efforts to overcome potential problems.

Have a very Happy Christmas and a good introduction to the New Year.

Peter Penneck

GPC Matters

Association President

We are pleased to announce that Sheila Smith has agreed to become President of the Association. Sheila will be well known to many of you, and we offer her a very warm welcome to her new role.


The Insurance Policy is now renewed and a copy of the document will be sent to all guilds that have renewed their Affiliation. (If you have not yet paid your affiliation fees, this might be a good time to do it!) Please remember that these documents should be retained by the guild secretary or treasurer for members to consult.


The 2010 calendars are now available. For further details or to order your copy, contact Jenifer Midgley, email calendars@wsd.org.uk.

National Exhibition 2010

Plans are now well underway for the 2010 National Exhibition, which is taking place at Mansfield Museum from 17th April-29th May 2010

The theme this year is Kaleidoscope, which many of you will already be working on. For those still pondering, here is some food for thought.

Kaleidoscope definition: Greek words are the source of the name; it comes from kalos, eidos, and skopios meaning beautiful, form, and view, respectively.

It is an optical toy, in which one sees an ever changing variety of beautiful colours and forms; a delightfully diverse and unpredictable sequence of sights, events etc.

Although the ancient Greeks, including the mathematician Ptolemy, had contemplated the effects of abutting multiple mirrors, the kaleidoscope is the creation of one man. David Brewster (1781-1868) was born in Scotland and educated to become a minister at the University of Edinburgh. University studies exposed him to the wonders of science, however, and he abandoned the church in favour of studying the properties of light. He became an expert in polarization of light , reflection of light using metal, and light absorption. For his scientific discoveries, Brewster was elected a fellow of the Royal Society (Britain's leading scientific organization) in 1815 and knighted in 1831.

Closing date for all submission is 1st March and all Guild secretaries have now been sent all the information in relation to this, including the submission forms. All entries have to be submitted by photo only and this must be done via your Guild Secretary.

Should you require still further information please contact Exhibition organiser Steve Kennett: exhibition@wsd.org.uk

Raffle Prizes

If anyone has any further prizes for the raffle run in conjunction with the Exhibition, please contact Isabel Swift, 3 Victoria Avenue, Woodhall Spa, Lincs LN10 6TY Isabel Swift<nigel.swift@tesco.net> (Please keep emails short, as this is not a broadband address)

Association CD Review

This resource is due for a full revision and will be re-issued next year. Jo Onions, has kindly agreed to progress that task. Please discuss within your Guilds what information on the CD is especially in need of up-dating, what new information you would like to see being made available and what information currently on the CD is either obsolete or unnecessary. Jo can be contacted on cd@wsd.org.uk.

Speakers List

Irene Taylder, has very kindly agreed to take over the Speakers List and invites feedback from Guilds on recent speakers used both off and from the list. Please channel feedback through Guild secretaries to Irene, who can be contacted at speakers@wsd.org.uk

2010 AGM

The Association AGM will be held on 1st May, 2010 at Mansfield Civic Centre. This will be during the National Exhibition which will be on display at Mansfield Museum. We aim to ensure that the AGM is timed to allow Guild Delegates and Observers to visit the Exhibition as well. More details will follow but please start discussing within your Guild any topics they might want to put forward for discussion at the AGM or propositions they would like to have considered.

Summer School 2013.

This is tentatively located in Wales during the last week of August 2013 and plans are in hand. Details will be communicated to Guilds as they are confirmed.

Location, location, location…..!!

We are very keen to hear from any Guild, or group of Guilds within the South East area of the UK, who have the ideal location for the Exhibition 2012 on their doorstep. We need to confirm this within the next two months if we are going to ensure adequate planning time. Equally we are hoping there will also be suggestions sent in from Guilds in the South West area of the UK on the location and support for the 2011 AGM and Conference. Do, please, come forward with your ideas. Contact the GPC Secretary in the first instance: secretary@wsd.org.uk.