Sunday, 4 November 2012

Spinning art yarns

Saturday 20th October

We had a wonderful day with Janet Phillips, learning to spin art yarns. We spun thick and thin, we rolled fluff to create yet another effect, and spun buttons into yarns.


Thursday, 4 October 2012

Llandovery Sheep Festival 2012

Now, now ladies. Just ask yourselves, do you need even more fluff??
Seriously, this festival is wonderful - took the poxy pixies last year and they had the most fantastic time.

Thank you Del for the photo

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Narberth Friendship Day

Looks as though a good time was had by all. Gill even won the first prize in the raffle - adding to stash!!

You can see the wheels turning in the brain cells - "now what can I make with this?"

Posted by Nell

Sunday, 16 September 2012


15th September 2012

Chairperson - Gill Jenkins

Vice Chair - Eirian Roberts

Secretary - Anna Morgan

Treasurer - Isabel Heard

Diary of Workshops will be finalised shortly and published as soon as it is available.

In the afternoon we had a very interesting talk from Tim Booth from the British Wool Marketing Board and learned a great deal about what happens to the fleeces from Welsh farmers.

Nell 16th September 2012

Sunday, 22 April 2012


Have we got shopping trolleys, rucksacks etc ready for the trip to Wonderwool??

Just a little word of warning though. If buying your tickets on line, they are now using paypal. This takes forever to clear so don't be buying tickets now for next weekend - you will NOT get them on time


Anne Holvey

Designing for knitting
We had a wonderful workshop yesterday with Anne Holvey, taking us through the mathematics of design. I think it is safe to say that most of us are now watching our weight....

Anne will be coming back at some time later in the year to talk to us about lace knitting. 


Welsh Dragons Burns Club

On Easter Saturday, the poxie pixies and I set off to Pendyne, to join the children at their camp. All permissions have been given to show these photos. A great time was had by all

Do read about this fantastic support group for children with these injuries. Proud to support...

Nell or poxy granny!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Chairman's Challenge

Eirian has come up with the challenge for this year - "To Autumn" by John Keats. An interesting choice with plenty of opportunities for interpretation. Enjoy!

All items to the Guild at The Cross by the end of March please


Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness
Close bosom-friend of the maturing sun
Conspiring with him how to load and bless
With fruit the vines that round the thatch-eaves run;
To bend with apples the moss'd cottage-trees,
And fill all fruit with ripeness to the core;
To swell the gourd, and plump the hazel shells
With a sweet kernel; to set budding more,
And still more, later flowers for the bees,
Until they think warm days will never cease,
For Summer has o'er-brimm'd their clammy cells.
Who hath not seen thee oft amid thy store?
Sometimes whoever seeks abroad may find
Thee sitting careless on a granary floor,
Thy hair soft-lifted by the winnowing wind;
Or on a half-reap'd furrow sound asleep,
Drows'd with the fume of poppies, while thy hook
Spares the next swath and all its twined flowers:
And sometimes like a gleaner thou dost keep
Steady thy laden head across a brook;
Or by a cider-press, with patient look,
Thou watchest the last oozings hours by hours.
Where are the songs of Spring? Ay, where are they?
Think not of them, thou hast thy music too,-
While barred clouds bloom the soft-dying day,
And touch the stubble-plains with rosy hue;
Then in a wailful choir the small gnats mourn
Among the river sallows, borne aloft
Or sinking as the light wind lives or dies;
And full-grown lambs loud bleat from hilly bourn;
Hedge-crickets sing; and now with treble soft
The red-breast whistles from a garden-croft;
And gathering swallows twitter in the skies.