Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Cath Bowen

The terrible news about Ben and Cath's deaths affected all who knew them. Cath was member of the Guild since 2007, she attended the evening classes with her mum, Ray.
Our thoughts and prayers go to both families.
A terrible tragedy.....

Friday, 25 July 2008

Sponsored Spin!!!!!

Go here and you will find the sponsorship form.

Print out and sign upyour friends etc.

Important paperwork!!!!!

Tawe Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers

Exhibition submissions

Each piece of work MUST be labelled with the following:

1.Exhibitor’s name

NFS not for sale
FSG for sale 100% to the Guild
FSM For sale 10% to the Guild
4.Information about the work ie 100% hand spun Jacob’s fleece,

modular knit, rainbow dyed
5.All items now must have washing instructions – Trading Standards
6.All items now must have a list of contents ie 100% Suffolk fleece – Trading Standards

I’ll bring some tags ready for all to use so that ALL work is labelled.

Thanks Nell

Its for EWE- Phoney sheep

Go on answer the call! Its not ewesful but its very funny!

Monday, 21 July 2008

Tawe Guild Newsletter, July 2008

It’s the summer holidays again. Or is it?? Well the sun shone on those of us who braved the seaweed and jellyfish and went for the full immersion at Oxwich! What a lovely day that was.

We have had a lovely thank you letter from the organisers of the Carer’s Day in Aberavon. Our efforts were greatly appreciated. The spinning day at the Neath Civic Centre generated a tremendous interest in what we are trying to do as a Guild and we have been asked to exhibit at Aberddulais Falls as a result. The Community Farm in Swansea have also benefited from our skills and we hope to build on this community link to reach others interested in learning to spin or weave.

We have a very full itinerary over the next few months and I have listed the events below.

26 July 08 – Tawe Guild workshop. Please bring with you knitting needles and equivalent yarn. You will also need the same gauge yarn but in a variety of colours. Ie size 9’s or 10’s for double knit. Pencil and paper, stitch holders, rubber bands. Clare will be demonstrating her Aztec pouch technique. Isabel is going to show us how to do provisional cast ons and Eirean will demonstrate domino knitting. This would also be an ideal time to leave your exhibition goodies at the Cross!

11 – 20 August 08 – Start of the Guild Exhibition at the Cross. Get dressed in your posh frocks ladies, the Mayor and Mrs Malcolm Gunter, will be opening the exhibition at 19.00. All donations for the wine and canap├ęs gratefully received. Please co-ordinate with Nell. All exhibition pieces must be accompanied by the correct paperwork which will be available on 26 July. Debbs has asked if as many silk scarves from the workshop can be brought in as they looked absolutely stunning.

23 – 25 August 08 – Brecon Mountain Centre demonstrating in our new blue haven of yarn. I will do Saturday and Monday – being the keeper of the gazebo – and will set up and take down on those days. Debbs will there on Sunday. Bring your wheels and enjoy spinning in the open air. We always have a good time there!

23 – 25 August 08. As a result of spinning in the Neath Civic Centre, we have been asked to provide an exhibition at Aberddulais Falls (National Trust) If members would rather go there to demonstrate, then let myself or Debbs know. I will demonstrate on the Sunday and Debbs will set up and take down on the Monday.

2 September 08 - Taster day on Tuesday between 10.00 – 20.30. This is our opportunity to attract new members and keep the Guild vibrant.

9 September 08 – Classes begin again YIPPEE!!

20 September 08 – Owain Glyndwr Festival at the Ancient Briton pub. Costumes desirable – I am dreading this bit – me and fluffy bits do not go together!!

22 September – 4 October 08 Exhibition at the Swansea Grand Theatre. If everything has been labelled for the Cross, no need to panic, the same paperwork will do for the Grand. All exhibition pieces to Nell by the end of August please. 27 September is the sponsored spinathon! We shall have to spin our giblets out to reach 5 miles, but WE CAN DO IT!! Several local Magistrates and Health Service Managers have offered to adjudicate on the day to satisfy our sponsors.

25 October - AGM

New calendars are here – Isabel will be taking orders!

Tuesday working parties. The Guild needs you to make items for sale to raise money to pay for the rent. It has been suggested that Tuesdays across the summer could be utilised for this purpose. We need items that cost little to make but can also sold for between £2.50 and £10. 10% of all sales goes into the Guild funds. Every little helps or so the saying goes! Bring in your odds and ends which you think could be used by the Guild, to the Saturday workshop on the 27th July. Some ideas: Christmas card toppers, fabric bags, ball ends of interesting yarns and fabric lengths

Everyone is expected to come and “do their bit” on Saturday 27th September at the sponsored spin. I shall be distributing sponsor forms shortly. If we can raise a decent sum of money, this will affect everyone’s financial contribution to the Guild next year, possibly leading to a reduction in the class fees. This all depends on every Guild member, to support this event, and the others over the summer. We have achieved so much as a Guild: we have learned so many new skills, we are in the community promoting the aims of the Guild, we have generated so much interest in what we do, we have encouraged new membership and we have made some great friends. WE ARE WORTH IT!!

I look forward to seeing you all.


01792 830106 mobile 07977 538086

Thursday, 10 July 2008

What do we do at the seaside!

Hi Debb et al
Attached are some photos taken today at the "end of term paddle"at Oxwich Bay .Perhaps you would like to put some on the blog to show the super day we had. Weather perfect, food scrummy, sea warm etc. Throughly enjoyed by the stalwart five who went.